About Our Facility

NEW  Location! (5411 E. MILL PLAIN BLVD.)

Our newest, high-energy facility includes 7 dance studios, 4+ music rooms, and a large 3200 sqft event room. Each dance studio is equipped with high-tech sound system, DJ lights for fun atmosphere, large viewing windows for parents who wish to observe, and floating floors to prevent dancer injury.

Our spacious lobby has free wifi, and is a great place to visit with friends or work from your laptop. For dancers who have breaks in between classes, they can do some of their homework in our student study hall.  Siblings can also have fun while they are waiting in their own special kids area, filled with toys, books and games!

Our parking lot is designed to easily drop off kids without congestion, and we are conveniently located near grocery stores and coffee shops so you can run errands while the kids are at dance!