Jr. Dance Classes

(AGES 8-11)


Dance encompasses both a classical and street or non-traditional format.  The student is introduced to rhythm, musicality, control, dynamics, posture, and performance.  From hip-hop, that is usually a high energy style of dance, with the use of isolation techniques, to contemporary, a style more known for its fluid and abstract movements using proper jazz technique, you are sure to find a class that fits you.  The goal of our classes is to provide proper use of technique with a framework of choreography in which each dancer will be able to add their own personal style and attitude.  Groove Nation has been awarded, as one of the NW’s top dance schools for both technique and choreography.

NOTE: Students are expected to master the basics at each level before progressing to the next, and are admitted into upper levels only with prior experience or approval of the instructor.

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***If a class is waitlisting, please call to be placed on the waitlist. We will contact you as soon as the class is available for enrollment.***


 1 – beginner (0-3 years dance experience)
1/2 – beginner/ intermediate (3-4 years dance experience)
2 – intermediate (4-5 years dance experience)
2/3- intermediate/advanced (5+ years dance experience)
3 – advanced (7+ years dance experience)
Jr. Tap 2MON4:00-4:45P45 min
Jr. Contemporary/Ballet 1MON4:00-4:45P45 min
Jr. Tap 1/2MON4:45-5:30P45 min
Jr. Contemporary/Ballet 1/2MON4:45-5:30P45 min
Jr. Hip Hop 3MON5:30-6:30P1 hr
Jr. Hip Hop 1/2MON5:30-6:30P1 hr
Jr. Hip Hop 1/2MON6:30-7:30P1 hr
Jr./Sr. Contemporary 1MON6:30-7:30P1 hr
Jr. Hip Hop IntroMON6:30-7:30P1 hr
Jr./Sr. Power AcroMON7:30-8:30P1 hr
Jr./Sr. Tap IntroMON7:30-8:30P1 hr
Jr. Hip Hop 1TUE5:15-6:15P1 hr
Jr. Tap Intro 1TUE5:30-6:15P1 hr
Jr. Hip Hop 1/2TUE6:15-7:15P1 hr
Jr. Contemporary/Ballet 1/2TUE6:15-7:15P1 hr
Jr./Sr. Yoga Stretch/StrengthWED5:15-6:15P1 hr
Jr. Hip Hop 2WED6:00-7:00P1 hr
Jr. Hip Hop 1/2WED6:30-7:30P1 hr
Jr Hip Hop IntroWED6:30-7:30P1 hr
Jr./Sr. Ballet/Tech IntroWED6:30-7:30P1 hr
Jr. 1. Contemporary Intro 1WED6:15-7:00P45 min
Jr. 2. Tap Intro 1WED7:00-7:45P45 min
Jr./Sr. Break DanceTHU4:30-5:30P1 hr
Jr. Hip HopTHU6:30-7:30P1 hr
Jr. Hip Hop 1SAT11:00-12:00A1 hr
Jr. Hip Hop 1SAT11:00-12:00A1 hr
Jr. Hip Hop 1SAT11:00-12:00A1 hr
Jr. Hip Hop 1SAT11:00-12:00A1 hr
Jr. Hip Hop 1SAT11:00-12:00A1 hr